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About Ranni

Ranni, the beautiful village is one of the major hub in central Kerala in terms of wealth, culture, politics, pilgrimage, religions and more. In the ancient eras this place was mainly covered with deep forests, and only a portion of it was occupied the the habitants. The early rulers of Ranni were the"'Kottayil Karthas" who had a very much prominent place in the history of in ancient Ranni. Since Ranni had fertile soil and all the situations needed for agriculture and farming, peoples from the near by places started migration to Ranni.

Some of the major subdivisions of Ranni town are Angadi, Pazhavangadi, Ranni(Proper), Thottamon and Aythala .

Market in Ranni

This area is to the north side of River Pampa and covers some beautiful places such as Mamukku, Pulimukku, Pullupram and more. This side is one of the best developing sites in Ranni. The Mamukku Boat Jetty is one the largest of its kind in Ranni. Angadi also consist of a Muslim Mosque, Shaleeshwaram Temple and Valiyapally, which are the major Mosque, Temple and Church respectively in Ranni.

A village in Ranni

This is the present commercial hub of Ranni and constitutes some of the major desitnations of Ranni.It comprises of places such as Ittiyappara, Aythala, Cherukulanji, Chetthomkara, Karikulam etc. Pazhavangadi is also famous for the one and only college in Ranni, known by the name St.Thomas College, under Mahatma Gandhi University. It also consist some of the major Churches and Temple such as Aythala St. Kuriakose Knanaya Church and Bhagavathy Kunnu Devi Temple

Ranni Police Station

Thottamon is well known for its unique culture and natural beauty. Today Thottamon is home to some of the major Government offices in Ranni. Thottamon also boasts of the Majistrate Court and the main Police station. Thottamon is also a place of communal harmony, which is blessed with the presence of Thottamon Kavu Bhagavathy Temple and St.Thomas Orthodox Valiyapally. This beautiful place is well known for its festivals and the mode of celebrations.

Aythala is a beautiful place which is very much near to Ittiyappara and is one of the most elite place in Ranni. It is mainly a major residential area and recently it has become a hot place for real estate business as a lot of people are buying plots in Aythala due to its better living conditions. There are some of the well known temples in Aythala and the Bhagavathi Kunnu Temple in Aythala is one of the most ancient temple in Aythala. The St. Kuriakose Knanaya Church is a major place of worship for Kananaya Christians in Ranni. The proximity of Ittiyapara town, the presence of educational institutions such as Ranni St. Thomas College and St. Thomas School makes Aythala a better place for living.

Vaikom is another place in Ranni which is well known for its calm and serene nature. Vaikom is a symbol for communal harmony and is home to various Government offices, a UP School, Churches, Mosques and Temples. The Vaikom area starts after Block Junction and it extends till the end of Mandiram in Ranni. Vaikom is considered to be one of the best place to live and is a fastly becoming a hot real estate spot in Ranni. The St. Thomas Knanaya Chapel and the Head Quarters of The Nilackal Diocese of Marthoma Church are two major Christian centers in Vaikom. There is a Mosque at Kuthukallumpadi junction which serves as a major worship place for Muslims in Vaikom. There are a good number of Temples which serves as worship centers for Hindus in Vaikom.

Mannamaruthi is a small town in the outskirts of Ranni and is located along the Punalur-Muvattupuzha State Highway. Mannamaruthi is situated few kilometers from Ranni town and is on the route to Erumely. This is another place which is marked for its religious harmony, beautiful landscape, pleasant climate and easy access to public transport systems. From Mannamaruthi Junction, there is a road leading to Vechoochira, which is another important village in the suburbs of Ranni. Schools, banks, shops, churches, temples and other public institutions are present at Mannamaruthi, which makes life easy for the public. The presence of Thiruvalla Medical Mission (TMM) Hospital in Mannamaruthi also helps the people in solving their basic medical needs.

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